Facebook Advantage: UK Accountants & Bookkeepers -  Workshop

Jumpstart your accounting firm today!

Tested and proven methods to utilize your personal Facebook profile to get accounting clients - without having to set up a Facebook page or run ads.

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You love what you do.

And you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You’ve thought about advertising your services.

Paying so that more people would see you. But you’re not sure what the best way is.

You’ve thought about referral discounts.

But you feel sleazy about it, it’s just not your thing.

You’ve thought about shifting careers. *gasp*

Maybe accounting isn’t where you’ll find entrepreneurial freedom?

You’re one step closer to your next clients and they’re right in your Facebook network.

What if you stopped thinking of when your next client’s going to come by and start building your firm of constantly growing clients, all through your personal network?

Here’s what your personal Facebook profile can do for you:

👉 You can be discovered by your next clients without having to advertise!

👉You already establish trust in a way, since you’re a friend of a friend, or connected to a family member that they know.

👉You open up a huge window of opportunity towards building your dream business.

… and I’ll teach you exactly how to make Facebook work for you.

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Facebook Advantage 

Step 1: Setting up your profile to attract your clients


Does your personal profile tell people that you’re an accountant/bookkeeper?

There are always people looking for somebody to help them with their business finances.

It’s only a matter of tweaks before you start getting inquiries right on your personal profile - without spamming your family and friends’ news feeds with sales-y posts from you.

Step 2: What and when to post


Your first and most important network is your friends and family.

You can use your Facebook profile to establish your authority as a trustworthy accountant and bookkeeper.

Before you know it, your friends are turning to you for advice and service, and are referring you to their friends too!

Step 3: Using your friends list


When was the last time you went through your friends list?

It is a rich directory of people with whom you can have a great working relationship and a great jump-off point for your accounting firm.

Step 4: Utilizing Facebook groups


Facebook groups aren’t just for learning and getting answers to your questions.

They’re also great places for you to showcase your genius, provide value, and promote your services.

Learn how to navigate Facebook groups - which ones to join, and how to participate properly.

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Ready to finally get out of your comfort zone and jumpstart your accounting firm?

All you need is your personal Facebook profile (and the proper strategies to use it).

Facebook Advantage: UK Accountants & Bookkeepers - Workshop

Get new clients, start your own business…
and be empowered towards entrepreneurial freedom!

Today's price: £37

Here’s everything that's included:

📌 Step # 1: Setting up your profile to attract your clients.

📌Step # 2: What and when to post

📌 Step # 3: Using your friend's list

📌 Step # 4: Utilizing Facebook groups

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Everything you need to get new accounting & bookkeeping clients without having to get out of your personal Facebook profile - without having to set up a Facebook page or running ads.

Let’s get you set up towards booking more clients without the overwhelm.

✅ Bonus # 1: My free audit of your Facebook profile, and custom advice and tips to make it work for you (exclusive for the first 20 signups!)

✅ Bonus # 2: Two-week membership inside The UK Accountants Inner Circle, where I conduct regular training and get help, support, and answers.

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Hi! I’m Annette Ferguson, profit mentor, income strategist, and 7-figure business owner. I am a Chartered Accountant and Certified Profit First Professional.

I’ve been where you are before. I wanted to escape the 9 to 5, build my own business, stop trading money for time, and live my dream life with my little family.

So I dove face-first into this ever-changing world of digital marketing because I knew it was what I needed to do and learn to launch my accounting and bookkeeping firm.

I did it all - copywriting, emailing clients, promoting myself, uploading content, and even doing graphic design! Yes, a numbers geek like you and me can very well craft nice images! From strategy to tactics, I was for years a one-man production crew of my own firm.

Today, I run a six-figure business that lets me take week-long holidays, live in a dream house, and be my own boss. True freedom. It can happen to you too. And it will.

You only need to begin where you are. Facebook is your start-off point. You’re already on it anyway, why not make the most of it?

You are a few steps away from your next clients.


Practical, actionable steps to make your Facebook profile work like your own marketing tool.


The right approach to maximize your existing connections - friends, family, and their contacts - towards growing your business.


High-value tactics to make the most out of Facebook groups - what to join, where to post, how to manage your online relationships with other business owners.

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