All the Tools You Need to Build a Successful Online Accounting Business

The Internet levels out the playing field for everyone. The same platforms, tools, and reach that the big brands have are all at your disposal too. It’s time to harness them for your success.


Attract Your Dream Clients

Grow Your Business

Experience True Freedom

What’s keeping you from success?

❓ Do you have a marketing strategy in place?

❓ Are you consistently receiving inquiries for your services?

❓ Are you able to onboard at least one new client every week?

❓ Does your current income support your dream lifestyle?

Invest in yourself today.

The Accountants Online Success School is the most comprehensive program that bridges the gap from Accountant to CEO.

In this program, you will learn how to:

Set up a strong and authoritative brand online.

Know and apply the most effective marketing strategies to book new clients.

Learn about and get equipped with tested and proven digital marketing practices.

I get digital marketing.

Here’s what I found out: There is no one-size-fits-all in the online world.

It is a broad, complex world that changes so quickly. I built my six-figure business from the ground up solely through online marketing.

I went through years of testing, experimenting, and implementing different digital marketing strategies on different platforms so you don’t have to.

Everything I found to be effective, every essential tactic, every game-changing mindset around digital marketing and business, I now give you.


All the Tools You Need to Build a Successful Online Accounting Business

Here’s everything that's included:

πŸ‘‰ Social Media Masterclasses (value: £1250)

πŸ‘‰ Content Creation (value: £1000)

πŸ‘‰ Digital Marketing (value: £750)


⭐ Q&A zoom call every 2 weeks (value: £2400)

⭐ Exclusive Facebook group (value: PRICELESS!)

⭐ Plus new content every month: Talk about paid ads, podcast guesting, and more (value: £3750)


Total Value: over £9150
Today’s Price: £250+VAT/month


Choose the Accountants Online Success School

When you want to have a constant stream of interested clients.

When you’ve tried to sell your services – but still don’t feel like you’re doing the best you can.

When you understand that digital marketing is important but you’re not yet sure how profitability can happen for you.

When you’re sick of the feeling of lack and are ready to live in freedom.

If you are ready to show up, show value, and get in front of your dream clients, it’s time to join the Accountants Online Success School so you can get:

βœ… New up-to-date masterclass content released every month

βœ… Zoom Q&A every 2 weeks

βœ… Eyes on your marketing

βœ… Access to our private Facebook community

Stop the guessing game, and start going towards your dream life through your dream firm. Create marketing that will change your business and your life the way it changed mine.



Dan Netting

Course Building Group Coaching and 1-to-1 | Online Business Mentoring

"I've been working with Annette for a few months now, and honestly I've been blown away with the whole experience and I now finally understand what it means to have a great accountant. When I talk to people about her I call her my mini-CFO, because that is what it feels like. She feels like part of my team on my journey and someone that really wants to help and see me succeed."

Danielle North 

Exclusive CEO Retreats

"An absolute whizz with the numbers! Annette's dedication and patience have supported my business to scale and freed me up to step into being CEO. Highly recommended."

"Annette focuses on so much more than just the numbers, she gets into the real reasons you run a business and partners with you to achieve your results. She is one of our key team members!"

Ben Jakeman

Director at Ulysses fitness

"Not just an accountant, Annette and the team are like mentors and like all good mentors they filter your ideas with experience and knowledge. Wish I'd found Annette sooner. As a business owner of just over 3 years now the tools they have given me in the first 6 weeks already have changed my outlook with professional forecasting, allocations and number based decisions. Just reach out to Annette and never look back."

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside the program:

Social Media Masterclasses

(value: £1250)

Content Creation

(value: £1000)

Digital Marketing

(value: £750)


Total Value: over £9150
Today’s Price £250+VAT/month


Still not sure? I’ve got your back.

Money-back guarantee

If you attend the workshop and learn nothing new, then you can have your money back.